Easy money is a dream held by almost everyone at some point in their lives, they win the lottery or find hidden treasure and all without pain or strain. For most people that dream is never realized and eventually they accept that it not too much in life is easily gained. The Wash Wash ripoff is a relatively new ripoff and uses misdirection combined with technology of a virtuoso level to accomplish this and lure in victims.

The wash wash ripoff bears some resemblance to the other advanced fee ripoffs, differing only in that there is a container of cash involved to further hook the mark. The mechanics of the ripoff are relatively simple and yet devious, a mark is identified and contacted in some fashion and then convinced there is a container of real money and a few genuine bills are shown in their demonstration to further reel in the victim.

Marks are told that the money has been dyed black in order to avoid customs inspections and taxes. According to those who have been arrested, by coating money with white glue and either iodine or raspberry Kool-Aid, the money appears black.

There are several real bills treated in the same way and the rest of the container will be full of black construction paper, to convince the victim they are asked to choose a random bill to “restore” which is actually a genuine note the con artist has palmed and changes out for the randomly chosen piece of construction paper. The palmed cash that was cleverly switched is then treated with a simple solution that removes the coloring and the victim is thereby convinced the entire trunk is full of genuine bank notes.

The victim typically receives an email that was sent randomly among a list of email addresses that the scam artists pick up for one reason or another. Not many people will actually respond, but correspondence will result in eventual phone conversations; if this happens to you, you can use telephone-records-search.com/732/918/ to find out whether or not they’re a legitimate source or service, or if that number has been linked to other scams.

You’ll often be asked for money to address shipping fees and other costs that might be inherent in the transfer of the money. No matter the reason they give, they want to get you to give them the money. Victims who then become suspicious of the scammers will then be force to sign a document that states that they know that this is illegal money and that they’ll be getting it by avoiding taxes and customs procedures, in order to make it seem legitimate.

All sorts of new scams take time for people to catch on, which is what makes scams so lucrative when they first begin, for the con man at least. On the other hand, regardless of whether or not the mark gets to keep the case in which the funds are said to exist, you have to keep in mind that you’re being conned and you’ll eventually just get robbed of all the money that you possess. If the con artist tells you to avoid opening it for fear of tampering with the dye through oxygen, you should be suspicious.

Like I wrote before, people have sent reports to the police about how they were conned in these Black Money Scams, leading to arrests. Despite your embarrassment at being conned so easily, it’s worth it to inform the authorities, if only to prevent this same kind of fraud from happening to anyone else.

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