Monetize Your Blog: How To Become A Blogging Ninja With This POWERFUL Plugin

I wrote an article a few weeks ago talking about my plans to keep my readers in the loop concerning some of the information that I learned at the last live network marketing event that I attended.

This article is one of those tidbits of information that I wanted to let you know about today, and when the timing is right for you, join up and start earning commissions on today.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post talking about some of the techniques you might monetize your blog.

Inside that post, I talked about a couple of steps that you can do to instantly convert your blog posts into lead generating pieces of content.

All of the strategies that I mentioned are all visible to your readers. Meaning that your readers SEE the strategy you’re trying to get them to follow, and they have the choice to follow through or not.

Pretty easy right?

Today I have something completely opposite of on screen. What I want to talk about today is stuff that is going on “behind the screens” and is more of a Ninja blogging tactic.

These steps are hidden, but are still very effective for you and your bank account.

A week ago I downloaded the Ninja Affiliate plugin and discovered how Simple it is to turn keywords into affiliate links naturally the ones that help you to make cash.

The part of this plugin that I like the most is the fact that you can set the keywords of your choosing into direct links to your affiliate products – including older keywords on posts that you wrote in the past.

Why would you want to place affiliate links onto your old keywords and phrases? Lets go investigate.

Lets say that you have abrand new affiliate program that you want to promote within your blog. Well, instead of waiting for your next blog post to tell others about it, set a keyword for it, connect the affiliate program you want to the keyword, and all of your other posts will be connected with the same keyword to affiliate link automatically.

It’s really as simple as connecting everything once. Figure out the keywords you want, link in the affiliate programs, and you’re off and running.

How will this make your job easier?

By saving you more valuable time and energy that you can spend elsewhere!

What I am trying to say is this: rather than returning to revising links in your posts, you really have more time to write content and market your blog, which will at last drive visitors to your money making links.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Yes, we are in this to provide good content and value to our readers above anything else. But as I’ve written in my “monetize your blog” article, we also need to be generating an income from our business. If not, we’re sitting still in the water. You need positive cash flow, and this plugin will help with that.

What do I dislike about the Ninja plugin.

I’m happy you asked.

Well, perhaps it is just me but there is a learning curve to achieving mastery with this plugin, and getting comfy with it. It’d possibly take you a couple of hours to learn all its options and potential.

But at the same time, you can’t tell me know about an enhanced plugin that hasn’t got a learning curve.

Improving your blog takes time, and having the Ninja Affiliate plugin working for you is a great improvement.

So, would you consider yourself a blogging Ninja as well?

You need to ask yourself Is it worth learning how to Uk marriage visa monetize your blog? To SAVE time, effort, and energy it is! This is the easiest way to edit links & dedicate yourself to what makes you real money. This is the Uk marriage visa blog monetization tool you need to turn your blog posts into a money maker.

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