We live in a progressive world, where new inventions are routine. Each invention brings about its own efficiency and is useful to us in many ways. Mobile phones are one such invention. Ever since they came into being, communication has reached a new level. Not only do people use their phones to call, but not picture sharing and online interaction is also possible. But what we do not realize is how mobile phones are harming us. Top brain surgeons around the world have suggested that the bad effects of mobile radiation are extremely detrimental to the brain.

Cell phones operate with a strong electromagnetic wave i.e. radio frequency. These are the waves used in microwave ovens, radars and satellites.

If you want proof, then here it is. A woman in her mid thirties saw life in her womb flourish and then fall in the early months of her pregnancy. She suspected a major problem. After consulting a very renowned doctor, she found out that phone radiation had killed the life in the womb. The radiations inhibited the growth of the fetus, thus causing its death. Why did this happen? Wasn’t the phone connected to the ear? How could it possibly affect the placenta? The answer to these questions was found out when the woman told the doctor about how she had been keeping her mobile phone in a pocket in her jacket near the womb. The radiation of these phones weakens a child’s brain to the extent that it is unable to resist the bad effects of mobile radiation. If you are a new mother, remember this; NEVER use your phone in front of your new-born babies. Their death will be inevitable.

We all know how our children’s health and safety comes first. Hence, you should perform the following steps to ensure a fun and carefree life for your children; do not allow children to use a mobile phone too often. Limit its usage. Use hands free to limit its radiation. Avoid Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Their waves can cause serious damage to the brain.

For all you normal adults out there, be careful to minimize your exposure to mobile radiation for it can result in tumors and permanent memory losses. Turn off your phones while sleeping. If your battery is empty, do not answer calls because radiation is at its peak. The best thing you an possibly do is use non-analog cell phones as they emit less radiations as compared to analog phones.

One other very effective option is to use a phone radiation pouch known as the “Blocksock”. It stops radiations within 3 meters of the phone. Our health and safety come first. Our human race is a gift and we must cherish it. The bad effects of mobile radiation can evaporate the intelligence in this world. Hence, take a stand and minimize its usage.

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