MLM Lead Program – The Features That Need To Be Included

Congratulations. If you’re reading this it means that you already understand that the old way to get leads for you MLM business don’t work. It’s time to stop using those outdated methods and join all of the top earners in the industry by getting your own MLM lead program to get leads for you.

If you’re looking for an MLM lead program, there are several options available. Most of them include basic marketing training, multiple streams of income, professionally written autoresponder messages, capture pages and the ability to add your personal MLM information into the system. All of these features are essential for any MLM lead program that you choose.

Make Sure It’s About You – NOT The MLM Lead Program – A good MLM lead program makes it about YOU, not the system. When people opt-in to your MLM lead program list, it should be your auto-responder list they join. If you have to take the extra time on the front end and sign up for your own auto-responder, it’s probably your list. If you didn’t have to do this, the list probably doesn’t belong to you. If the company decides to do something with the list you don’t like, you likely don’t have a choice. You probably can’t add other affiliate products you like to the list either. When you come up with a great idea of something to do with/for your list and can’t, you won’t be very happy.

Another note about this is to find out who the autoresponder messages will be coming from – you (and your own domain) or the MLM lead program. For your MLM lead program to be the most successful for you, it needs to brand you as the leader, not the system.

Customization – This may be the biggest item to consider. As more and more people in the network marketing world get their own MLM lead program people will start to see the same sites over and over. It will become increasingly important to have the ability to customize your MLM lead program so that it can stand out in the crowd. As you gain experience and develop your own voice you will also want to make changes so that the material sounds more like you and less like your MLM lead program.

Make sure that the MLM lead program that you go with gives you the ability to customize the capture pages and email copy. If you can’t, they’re not that much different from the MLM company replicated sites that don’t work.

If you want success in the network marketing industry, you need to have your own MLM lead program to get leads for you. There are several options available. Make sure to compare the systems available and ensure that the critical elements I’ve talked about are included.

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