MLM Business Lead – There Are Several Means To Identify Great Distributors

Getting just ONE good MLM business lead to join your company and work under you isn’t easy – to say the least. You try to pull prospects out of friends, family members, acquaintances and other “well-intended”, but not serious “prospects”, and all for nothing. And, this is because despite their good intentions in hearing you out, they were never serious about joining your business in the first place.

But as a lead multi-level marketer, can you do anything to ensure that you will be able to find a person here and there, who will not only make an excellent MLM business lead, but will also make you proud to have as a “student”? Well, read this short list of tips to further enlighten you on the subject:

Look for someone with honest motivation – A great candidate to look for in the weekly quests to get MLM leads, is a person who has incentive driving him to be successful in taking on, and tackling anything that will help him reach his intended goals. Whether that goal is providing his family with every creature comfort they desire, or making sure he buys his first home by December 31st of the current year – this is a person who has REASONS to succeed – and his reasons will show up in the excellent end results of everything he does.

He will most likely give 100% of his best efforts to everything he undertakes – as he views each piece of the puzzle as bringing him one step closer to reaching his goals. In multi-level marketing as well as anything else, he will probably work more diligently than many, in order to learn what what he needs to know to be successful – and will also be someone who will thrive under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Look for flexibility and a good nature – We’ve all worked with those individuals who make 8 hours seem more like 16, due to their characteristic ill-natured personalities, and their refusal to take on anything extra, no matter how small. These people wouldn’t be considered good MLM business leads, or even good dog-walkers, for that matter. So, instead – look for those with can-do attitudes, who can roll with the punches – no matter how hard those punches hurt. A person who can work well with others and can appreciate that it takes sweat, elbow grease, and time, to be successful. And when you find him, he will most likely be someone willing to learn, and someone who can absorb what you have to teach him.

Look for people with goals and aspirations – People with big dreams and plans are often ridiculed by the rest of the world for their enthusiasm to make their unique vision a reality. But note all the famous “under 30 years old” millionaires there are in the world TODAY – who were told by everyone else that their dreams were impossible to accomplish, but who proved everyone else wrong anyway – and accomplished that dream, and then some.

To get MLM leads who are this awesome, you have to find those people who have the big dreams and far-reaching visions that are light years ahead of the times we live in. These are the ones who see possibilities where others see only closed doors. This is a person who can make a pile of gold out of a heap of rubbish. This is someone who will appreciate being mentored by you – not only for his benefit, but for the benefit of the others who will also take this road long after he’s gone.

So, if you are looking for that one decent MLM business lead to take under your wing and train, look to those people who are hardworking, positive, goal-oriented, and can dream hard enough to turn something small into a huge success – just like you did in starting out, in order to get to where you are now.

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