Mini Wood Lathes – A Must For Any Wood Shop

Are you a beginning wood worker? Maybe you have been doing it for years. There are a lot things you can do with mini wood lathes. You may buy them in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might see a lot of good reasons to invest in one of these machines. Here are some to consider.


Full size machines can be very expensive. Expect to pay several thousand dollars for a good unit. They will perform well and do large projects. If you have experience and have the need for one, it is a good investment.

The smaller units will fit on a tabletop. You can pick one up for less than two hundred dollars. Some of them will cost as much as five hundred or more. There will be advanced features in the more expensive models.

Better units

The more expensive units will be better made than the cheaper ones. They will have more heft and weight to them. This may help to eliminate things like vibrations. You will find more precise speed control in the better units. Cheaper ones will have several speed settings. The expensive models have a variable speed control. This gives you far more speed options. Some of the better units will have larger motors. This may give more power and speed. A larger motor may last longer. It does not have to work so hard.


The tabletop units present advantages over the large models. If you are just starting out, they are a perfect learning tool. Space may be a big consideration, where you live. The tabletop units take up little space. They are compact and will fit in many small areas. Small units are easier to operate. You can relax and sit down, while you work.


There are many reasons to consider mini wood lathes. They are inexpensive. You can buy one for under $200. They are small and take up little space. You can sit down while operating them. When you shop, check out higher end features like larger motors and variable speed control.

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