Microsoft has updated the Edge browser-it has vertical tabs

And the launch acceleration function.

Microsoft introduced vertical tabs in March 2020, and during this month the feature will be available to all users of the browser, writes The Verge.
According to the publication, this arrangement of tabs is suitable for screens with a resolution of 16:9. You can switch it from horizontal to vertical with a single click.
In addition, Microsoft has added the startup boost feature, which speeds up the launch of the browser by 41%. According to Microsoft executive director Liat Ben-Zera, during the tests, the launch rate increased from 29% to 41%.
Microsoft introduced Edge in 2015 as part of Windows 10. In December 2018, the company announced the release of a version for macOS. In January 2020, the company released the first stable version of the Edge browser based on the Chromium platform.
In May 2020, the browser introduced a contextual search function inside the page and “Collections”, with which users can collect and organize information that is important to them.

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