Microsoft has released the Windows 10 update “for remote work” and closed Windows 10X

A global update of the operating system is planned for October 2021.

From May 18, the Windows 10 update is available, which should make remote work more convenient, reports The Verge.
You can use multiple cameras in Windows Hello on the same computer.
The performance of the Application Guard data protection extension will increase.
The performance of GPSVC Group Policies and Windows Remote Access Tools (WMI) will increase.
The company plans the next major update of the operating system in October 2021. You can update the file explorer, icons, and other visual changes. The October update is expected to fix a problem with rearranging apps on multiple monitors, add the Xbox Auto HDR feature, and improve audio support via Bluetooth.
Microsoft also confirmed that it no longer plans to release Windows 10X. The operating system was supposed to be suitable for devices with two screens, such as the Surface Neo. It is unlikely that they will ever enter the market. Now the company will take the best Windows 10X finds and use them in Windows 10. Some have already started to be applied: for example, a new application container technology, improved voice dialing and an upgraded touch keyboard.

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