Microsoft has released an app for transcribing and translating online meetings Before

The company showed speakers with the same function.

Group Transcribe allows each meeting participant to see a transcript of conversations, writes TechCrunch. To use the app, one person must create a meeting and then invite other participants-via a QR code or a link.
As soon as participants join the meeting, they will see a transcript of the replicas on their own device, which will be updated in real time. In addition, the app will offer translation into more than 30 languages — among them there is also Russian.
Currently, Group Transcribe is only available on iOS. Microsoft says that the app will help deaf and hard-of-hearing people, as well as those who do not know the language, fully participate in meetings.
The company does not save meeting records or transcripts, but the app encourages users to” contribute ” their recordings to improve the service, the publication writes.
In March, Microsoft showed speakers for transcribing and translating online meetings in real time — they can recognize the voices of up to ten different people during a meeting in Teams.

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