MICROSOFT has released a new office application in the cloud — SWAY

Microsoft Sway is an online tool for creating presentation materials, now it is fully available to the public, previously it was closed to the average user, although it was possible to send a request to open access.

Microsoft announced in its blog about the availability of the product:

10 weeks ago, we launched Sway Preview, and even then we had more than one million unique visitors and processed more than 175,000 requests to access our app, and these numbers were growing every day.

Sway is a very interesting product, given that it does not have the traditional files that we see in the Office software product. Sway was built as a cloud application, Yes, soon all our documentation will be stored on cloud servers.

Microsoft, of course, still improves the user interface, design and code of the application, but it is already clear that the service will provide its services through paid subscriptions.

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