Microsoft has opened access to the installation of the final version of Windows 11

Officially, the operating system will be released on October 5.

Users can get a free upgrade to Windows 11 two weeks before the official launch through the Release Preview testing channel, writes The Verge. The official launch of the system is scheduled for October 5.
How to update the system:
Check the compatibility of your computer with Windows 11 by downloading the Microsoft PC Health application.
If the computer is supported, you need to register on the Microsoft website as a participant in the Windows pre-evaluation program.
On a Windows 10 PC, go to “Settings” > “Update and Security” > “Windows Pre-evaluation Program”.
Select “Start” and link the Microsoft account that was used to register as a test participant.
When you are prompted to select the settings of the preliminary evaluation program, you need to select Release Preview.
Confirm and accept the Microsoft terms, and then restart your computer.
Go back to “Settings” > “Update and Security”, where the banner with the update to Windows 11 should appear.
Select “Download and Install” and then follow the instructions.
After upgrading to Windows 11, you can go to Settings > Windows Update and select “Stop receiving pre-builds” to cancel registration in pre-updates for Windows 11 and stay with the final version.

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