Microsoft has changed the “blue screen of death” to black in Windows 11

This is the first change to the system error message screen since 2016.

The color change from blue to black is the only change in the appearance of the Windows system crash message. Presumably, Microsoft did this so that the BSOD gamma corresponds to the new login and shutdown screens of the computer — in Windows 11, they are also colored black. This is written by The Verge.
This is the first change to the BSOD since 2016, when a QR code square appeared in its composition. For the first time, the “blue screen of death” appeared in 1990 in Windows 3.0 to help users and administrators determine the cause of a system failure. The BSOD contains an error code and service data, and with the release of Windows 8 in 2012, a sad smile was added to them.

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