Microsoft has announced an updated Paint in Windows 11 — with a new design and support for dark mode

In the near future, the application will be available to Windows test participants.

In Microsoft Paint, the appearance and some functions for Windows 11 were changed. A short video of the company about the program was published by the head of the Windows and Devices division, Panos Panay.
According to him, in the near future, the application will appear among the participants of the Windows product testing program.
In the updated Paint, you can notice the design elements of Windows 11, such as rounded corners, WinUI, Fluent Design and new modern touches. There is also a “dark mode”.
The “Command Panel”menu has changed. The “File”, “View”, “Save” and “Undo” functions are now located in the upper-left corner, and options such as” Clipboard”,” Image”,” Tools”,” Brushes”,” Shapes”,” Size “and” Colors ” are now displayed in a single style.
Also, according to the WinCentral website, Paint can be used on both touch and conventional devices.

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