Microsoft Dynamics AX – A Look At How It Can Benefit Your Business

Thousands of businesses around the world use Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is essentially a resource planning system that is designed to speed up administration time, increase the efficiency with which you run your business and provide you with information when you need it in order to assist your business decisions. The benefits in more detail are as follows:

– Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to project your future profits and create both item and general ledger forecasts. With the touch of a button you could be creating extensive sales and purchases forecasts based on your inventory during certain time periods, and you can use this information to generate a number of sales scenarios. Through this you will be able to greatly optimize your inventory and efficiently keep your supply up with consumer demands.

– Microsoft Dynamics AX can also easily help you to automate your shipping and receiving and streamline your supply chain with back-order shipments and cross-docking. This amazing program is capable of handling massive transactions at one time and can completely eliminate manual systems in order to increase efficiency and give your productivity a kick-start.

– You can integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX fully with your warehouse, so you know exactly when a new product will be available, or any product your customers may be asking for. This way you will have real-time updates about likely delivery dates based on truck routing and postal information. Your sales order processing will become significantly more efficient when you are able to know quantity and delivery dates of stock in real-time.

– Warehouse efficiency will be improved thanks to product specific put away strategies facilitated by Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will be able to arrange items depending on a set of attributes such as weight, food, non-food, size etc. Thanks to the increased control over your inventory you will be able to improve your warehouse resources. This control over your inventory will help with the tracking and control over your inventory also, and allow you to keep track of sales, receipts and returns.

– When you team Microsoft Dynamics AX with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, users can get real-time information for reports at any phase of the business. This will increase your visibility by allowing you to track activity and the costs associated with it so you can analyze the cost value, margin information, and revenue. The added benefit is that Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy to use and has the same look and feel as other Microsoft programs, which allows every user in your company a sense of comfort when they sit down at the program for the first time.

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