Miao Holidays: Flair With Silver Jewelry And Flowers

Living in some of the most unreachable areas of southern China, a low-key ethnic group carries a big weight in the fashion world. Each year, with a 3000-year-old craftsmanship, the artisans there handcraft a small batch of top quality silver jewelry for the world’s brightest fashion stars.

Now, the ethnic tribes are making an even bigger bash in the world of traveling. Isolated from the modern world, some of the world’s most ancient and original ethnic festivals live over thousands of years to this day in the tribes.

The people is Miao. And their New Year Festival celebration is somewhere you will never see elsewhere.

The most important and unique one has to be the New Year Festival coming each year in November on the Chinese lunar calendar. And here is one advice for you: prepare your stomach. It is a festival to feast.

As the new year comes close, the Miaos get busy preparing the food for the big celebration. Pork sausages are pickled, rice wines brewed, bean curd made, glutinous rice balls steamed, snacks fried, and dried fruits purchased.

On the New Years eve, some of the food is offered to ancestors for protection. The rest is left to host guests.

Congratulating each other for the new year, each family brings to the banquet a couple of dishes they specially made for the occasion. The dishes are layed out randomly so every one eat some others’ dishes.

In the banquet, people give wishes to neighbors and hope for a very happy new year.

If the New Year is a time of wishing, then the Hua Shan Festival must be a occasion of giving. Giving the best out of you!

Hua Shan means ‘flower mountain’ in Chinese. And the Hua Shan Festival is stage each year on August.

The name of Huan Shan indicates a climbing a mountain of flowers in Chinese. The truth is, it’s a mountain of knives!

In the festival, the game of ‘Knife Mountain Climbing’ is played. A ladder 25 meters in height is erected. The rungs are made of sharp knives with edges pointing upward. Players of this game must climb the ladder barefooted.

Contestants of this game must climb a 25-meter-high ladder with rungs all being sharp knives. And he has to do so barefooted.

And to win the heart of his dear one, a contestant gives his best out. To do so, some fancy acrobatic moves are necessary.

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