Message planning, dark “Maps” and password verification: Google talked about the features that will appear in Android

Google will warn you about password hacks and add shortcuts to the car’s home screen when you connect to Android Auto.

Google spoke about the updates that will appear in Android in the near future. Google Maps has a dark theme, and it will soon be available to Android users around the world. To switch to a dark theme, select “Theme” in the settings section, and then select “Always in the dark theme”.
The company added a password verification feature: if a user enters a password that was previously hacked, the system will notify them and show them the accounts that use it. To do this, you need to enable password autofill — you can activate it in the settings, in the “Languages and Input”tab.
Google also allowed users to schedule messages: the user must write a message as usual, then hold down the send button and select the date and time to deliver the message. To use this feature, you need to install the latest version of the Android Messages app.
Android Auto will also be updated: the system will have customizable wallpapers, as well as games, such as “Jeopardy!”. The car screen will display shortcuts with contacts, weather, and others — they are now in the menu. To get quick access to these features, you just need to tap on the icon on the car’s display, as if you were doing it on your phone, the company says.
In cars with wide screens, you can split the screen — one part will display Google maps, and the other will display media controls.

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