Men’s Pea Coats – How To Choose The Right One

Men’s pea coats are smart looking and will suit you well, if you use the right one for the right occasion. The materials most generally used are wool, cotton, leather, nylon, polyester or fleece but they can also be made from angora, cashmere, rayon, tricot, viscose, and other materials. There are numerous brand names and colors to choose from, so no matter what your age, size and budget, you are sure to find something that will suit you well.

If you need a men’s pea coat for the winter, then wool, cashmere, angora and fleece are all fine material choices. Bruno Cucinelli makes a wonderful one from wool and cashmere if you have the budget for it as it costs at least $1000. However, you do not need to pay this far to get a fine quality hot coat as there are some that cost much less than $100 and quite a fine selection in the $100 – $200 range. Aeropostale makes a wide selection of winter coats in different colors, including red-colored pea coats, and they cost about $100 each. You can also get a smart Kenneth Cole black pea coat for only $120.

Women’s pea coats are about the same price as the men’s ones and are made from the same materials. Vans Sedaris makes a high quality insulated women’s pea coat that is good for snowboarding and other winter sports and it costs just $140. If you enjoy outdoor sports in the winter then this coat will most most likely be just what you want.

There are also Spring ones that are not really quite as warm as the woolen and fleece ones. They are made from a lighter material such as cotton or polyester and they cost a lot less than the winter ones. You can actually buy some for less than $50 although most of them cost between $50 – $100 or more if you buy a higher end brand name.

While many people opt to buy online, from an online retailer and it is easier to find exactly what you want and compare prices, it is frequently much better to buy from a regular shop when buying clothes as then you can try the item on and see how it looks on you. Even if the coat you are buying is high quality and well made, it may not suit you, depending on your size, height, and features.

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