Menopausal Symptoms You May Experience

Menopause is definitely a normal condition that all women experience sooner or later, though the common age is 51. The name suggests the ending of a woman’s reproductive time period and is indicated by a permanent ending to the monthly period. Numerous females look forward to this major period in their life; many consider it to be an inescapable sign of aging.

What are referred to as hot flashes are the most typical menopausal sign, in addition to the period stopping promptly ahead of menopause. Close to 60 percent of all women endure these, which generally happen at night and can last up to several minutes. A hot flash is best described as being a abrupt and often intense sensation of heat, generally accompanied by reddening skin and sweating.

Strong hot flashes at night are identified as night sweats and approximately 75 percent of women going through menopause encounter them. Night sweats can in fact take place as much as ten years before menopause itself and are generally so intense as to very seriously interrupt sleep. The signs and symptoms include the extreme sensation of heat, frequently accompanied by nausea, headaches, chills and a flushing sensation.

The actual beginning of menopause also brings mood swings; many ladies truly feel irritable, moody or depressed – emotions which may be worse in the event you were anxious or depressed in the first place.

This can generally be accompanied by occasional or regular sleeplessness, at the same time as a lower sexual desire; and many females can find it really difficult to focus, or even suffer from minor but disturbing memory lapses.

There are different other menopausal symptoms. You may possibly endure headaches for no clear reason, or heart palpitations. Some women really feel worn out; other women find out that their hair is thinning, even falling out. A commonly experienced symptom can be a sensation of vaginal dryness, which is induced by a drop in the body’s estrogen levels and may be both physically and emotionally unsettling.

Soreness around the breasts or aching and sore joints are additionally common indicators, as are feelings of light-headedness or faintness. Weight gain through menopause is also a regrettable sign, as are various digestive system difficulties or bouts of flatulence. Needless to say, many of these indicators could be fairly vague and on their own are not necessarily signs that you have finally reached menopause.

Unfortunately, there is no telling how long the signs of menopause will last; it may be anywhere from a year to five years following the menopause itself. Almost all of the signs connected with menopause may be addressed in some way. And if you can at least recognize and understand the symptoms you’re experiencing, menopause is perhaps easier to deal with.

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