Memory Card Review Olympus Pen Digital Camera Cards

Olympus Pen is a name that a lot of people that have bought cameras have likely come across at some point. But have you ever questioned or even been told about the memory cards that Olympus Pen Cameras use? Were you even aware that there is a specific card that some Olympus Pen cameras use? If not, this article will tell you a bit about memory cards for Olympus Pen Cameras.

Are you one of the many customers that have purchased an older Olympus Pen Camera; and attempted to put your previous used SD card inside? Well, if you have you know that it does not work. Olympus Pen Cameras read XD Cards. The developers at Olympus Pen Inc. created their own specifically designed camera memory card.

The truth about XD cards is that they are only used in old Olympus Pen and Fujifilm cameras. The idea of there being a specific card isn’t the problem, the problem was that they are very expensive and only have a maximum space of 2GB of memory. Think about it, in today’s memory using cameras, 2GB is only going to get you but so far, mainly because we have 14 mega pixel lenses, and HD resolution cameras. This meant that if you were going to take high quality photos with an old Olympus camera, you’d be limited to around 200 photos or so. Thankfully newer Olympus Pen Cameras all use SD cards, so you get full use of the quality high definition resolutions and ultra powerful Olympus lenses.

As I said previously, as of 2010 onward new Olympus Pen Cameras will use HC SD Cards, or High Capacity SD Cards that allow for up to 16GB of storage. These new camera cards will be perfect for shooting high definition video, and images. Now purchasing a powerful camera such as the Olympus E-P1 camera can be fully enjoyed.

So know you know a whole lot more about memory cards in regard to the Olympus Pen Series of cameras. Some day this information might come in handy. You might want to buy a new Olympus pen or an older one, and now you know about their memory options.

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