Meeting Spirits: Famous Haunted Locations Not For The Light Of Heart

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved a good scary story. Living one for yourself, however, is a completely different story, as there is really nothing like it. Drastic improvements have been made in the travel industry, meaning traveling to international locations has become easier than ever. So, overnight U.S. passport delivery and other travel services online make planning for these trips less of a hassle. So if you’re one who likes telling scary stories in the dark or watching creepy movies late at night, you should consider visiting some of these haunted places. With or without a guide, you can discover some paranormal activity for yourself in locations where the past comes back to haunt you, in the most literal way.

A passport is needed if you are thinking of visiting any of the following places, along with gratuitous amounts of courage. If you are the type that lives on impulse, you can invest in 24 hour pass port processing in order to get started on your ghost hunting adventures.

Bran Castle in Romania holds the spot at the top of many haunted location lists. You’re probably more familiar with this location as Dracula’s Castle. People over so many generations have become fascinated by the gruesome history behind the home and fortress of Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula. Sitting high on a rugged hill, this Gothic-style castle carries an air so menacing, that people in the village below avoid simply looking at it. It’s this reputation that makes it a magnet for those searching for the paranormal.

The famous Coliseum in Rome is another popular place to search for ghosts, and it’s easy to see why. Under the sands of the arena sit the vaults and cells that held warriors and prisoners alike, all of whom waiting to die. With an atmosphere that full of dread, fear, and sadness, it’s no wonder that the veil that separates us from paranormal is so easily breached.

The Aokigahara Forest in Japan carries with it such a reputation of fear and dread, that it has become a must if you are looking for paranormal activity. Urban legends and stories of distressed spirits linger around this dark, mysterious forest. This site holds the rank as the third highest site for suicides. One particular year, 78 bodies were found in this forest, and with the high loss of human life and the dark secrets that envelop this forest, it has become a center of paranormal occurrences.

Australia is home to the reputedly most haunted cemetery in the world. Rockwood Cemetery, also known as The Necropolis, is the burial site for around one million people, including the famous Davenport Brothers.

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