Maximizing Your Company’s Publicity With Corporate Pens

Pens utilized as a marketing tool unquestionably works very well. Primarily, pens as corporate tokens are cherished for their utilitarian function. The usableness of a pen could last for a month or so, largely depending on the type of pen and how often one uses it for doodling purposes. When choosing a corporate memento that will be appreciated by the ones receiving it because of its usability – still at the same instance permits the corporation to pay less – the pen is possibly the top selection.

Pen manufacturers would agree that the most common ink colour these days is black ballpoint. For advertising exposure purposes, the black ballpoint pen has the best dollar for dollar advertising and market exposure value. Your clients can be constantly reminded of your company each day when you add your branding or pieces of unique features to the pen.

Amongst sales people & office workers, black ballpoints are the most preferred. Blue is next in line in popularity. Odd and interesting colors such as orange or pink can also be used, but are of little usability. They’re best for party-hire companies or children’s wear businesses. After all you are giving a very practical gift so it may be better to stick with blue of black ink.

Imagination is the only limit when it comes to the exterior appearance of a pen. As long as the pen is still usable practically as a pen, you would still achieve your exposure goals regardless of how it looks like.

For the body of the pen you should first focus on the company information you want to add and then consider the design of the body next. If you do not do this you may end up choosing a physical design that you cannot add the info you want which would defeat the original purpose.

When it comes to the body of the pen do not go too cheap because a quality feeling pen will be used more by people. Also do not use the cheapest pen interior. A lot of us has thrown away a pen in frustration because a pen does not work when we tried using it. If a person gets this experience from your pens, they can associate it easily with your company. They will end with a bad impression of your brand.

Work with the corporate gift supplier that will allow you to call for bulk orders for all your gift giving needs; this supplier should also be able to give you details about the quality of materials used for your orders and must confer with you on the matter of the design of the final product.

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