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Franchisor organizations and individual franchise locations typically lack the synergetic capacity to grow at an optimal level. The reason for this is often times the marketing director lacks the knowledge to promote the organization in a way that is conducive to attracting online web surfers both globally to increase overall franchise locations but also regional marketing that coincides with the latest trends such as Myspace, Linkedin, Facebook, online video, social bookmarking, unique article submission and targeted press release submission.

Go where the people are and spoon fee the information to them at a level in which they are comfortable. Why do franchisors compete with scores of other companies in entrepreneur magazines and online directories?

Sure it’s good to have a presence in these areas but using the above promotional mediums with targeted long tail keyword phrases will get you further. You can target with laser precision and dominate quickly when you merge multiple synergetic elements into the singular unison like a crack of a whip.

For franchisors, cash flow is a common stumbling block as there is typically not enough money to saturate the prototypical magazine rags with display ads and paid article advertising. But when you step outside of this realm of clichs you’ll find a whole new world of opportunity such as TV and radio expert panel publicity and the rapid capital raising vehicle of going public on the OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board).

Imagine the unbridled power when you can truly dominate the franchise industry because you have the proper capital to completely submerge potential franchisees with your message. When your stock is trading you can use PIPE financing and other security backed cross collateralized loan mechanisms to raise money in a snap without signing your life over to your local bank.

Mass publicity, marketing power and enough capital to grow as quickly or as slowly as you choose, these are the ingredients for a franchise organization on steroids.

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