Massage Chair Review For EP1285 Massage Recliner

This is a review of the Panasonic EP 1285 model massage chair. This is a new series of contemporary urban massage recliners from Panasonic. This series is the first attempt to begin to match the decoration of most homes. Almost every massage chair released from Panasonic unfortunately has looked like a massage chair. This is a good break with past tradition.

One of the first areas that you will always want to check is the warranty coverage. Born key coverage is equivalent to an insurance policy. These types of recliners have many moving parts and electronics which sometimes can have problems. You want to be sure that you have sufficient warranty coverage and protection for peace of mind.

Panasonic provides you with a one year warranty coverage of parts on EP 1285. They also provide you with three years of warranty coverage on the roller mechanism. The roller mechanism is the system that provides the massage for the back and shoulders. You also receive one year of in-home technician service. This is a critical service to have, so any problems you have a technician will come to you.

The contemporary urban massage recliner series is an exciting development from Panasonic. This is a clear change in direction from the typical industrial designs of the past. Now, Panasonic is introducing some contemporary and sleek designs into their lineup.

This massage chair comes equipped with nine manual massage techniques. This is a tremendous variety at this price point. You can find massage techniques such as Swedish, shiatsu, Hawaiian and chiropractic. These massages can be targeted for a specific area like your shoulders or lower back. This is great to release specific areas of tension that you may have.

There are also automatic programs included. The automatic programs are capable of running full body massages. There are four different automatic programs to choose from you can select from shiatsu, Swedish, chiropractic and click. The automatic massages allow you to quickly select a program and get a full body massage.

The EP 1285 comes with an air massage system and the leg rest. The leg rest has 12 specially designed airbags to help improve the circulation of the lower legs. The airbags are synchronizing to provide a soothing massage by directing the pressure upward from the feet through the calves. This is a soothing and relieving massage.

Panasonic has incorporated a new leg stretch technology and to the leg rest. The stretching technology works to alleviate stiffness and your hips, lower back and thighs. It uses a combination of holding your legs with air pressure and the rising and lowering of the leg rest.

The Panasonic EP 1285 massage chair uses the latest sweetheart to urban massage technology. This particular technology replicates the hand movements of a master massage therapist. The mechanism is used to simulate the palm of the hand, the heel of the hand and the thumbs. This is a very subtle technology which adds to the effectiveness of the massage therapy and this recliner.

Overall, we like to do contemporary design of the EP 1285. Panasonic has done a good job in styling this chair to match with the decoration in more homes. The massage techniques used in this recliner are subtle yet effective. The air system in the leg rest is effective in helping improve the circulation of the lower legs. This is a good step forward for Panasonic and is a massage chair that you should check out.

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