Massage And Meditation Reduce Chronic Pains

Sometimes people work so hard that it has a negative effect on their health leaving them vulnerable to have to leave the work force early leaving them with little or no rewards for financial stability.

You will find this article useful in that most problems associated with chronic pain can be treated through methods of massage, meditation and just slowing down at work.

Chronic Pain is:

Chronic pain is usually part of a type of injury of disease that after several weeks or days doesn’t go away but in fact is more persistent. Chronic pain if the kind of pain that persists long for a long period of time beyond the temporal course of natural healing.

Meditation is:

Meditation is an alternative method to medicine that focuses on the form of thought that motivates deep relaxation, deep reflection, and calming of the mind. While western styles of meditation focuses on a single thought to sooth the mind, Eastern styles on the other hand, motivates the mind to cease thinking. This is also called, “non-thought.”

What is massage?

Massage comes in different forms but the general goals include deep tissue and muscle relaxation, release of toxins within the body, and the improvement of blood flow allowing the release of stress and tension. Massage is the therapeutic method that involves kneading with pressure-stationary or moving vibration, usually with hands or with the use of supplementary tools like a massage chair and massage oils.

How can massage and meditation help chronic pains?

Massage is a great way to reduce muscle tension and calm the body. A reliable massage therapist can find problem spots in the body and work on them to relax tissues and muscles and remove the pain. Massage is often combined with mediation to eradicate stress in the body and mind. Meditation helps chronic pain by improving oxygen consumption, reduce stress caused by this kind of pain, and improve mood levels.

Meditation motivates focused attention and while this will not completely eradicate the pain itself, it helps a person pay attention and respond positively to pain sensations. Moreover, a person who meditates can focus on other positive areas of thought to distract himself or herself from the pain he or she is feeling.

How do you use massage, and meditation for chronic pain? It is advisable to get a massage at least once a month. Better yet, consult a doctor and get advice on how often you are required to have massage therapy for your chronic pain. As for meditation, try finding a restful position that gives you the least amount of pain. While in that position, relax by taking slow deep breaths and relaxing your body and mind.

For a beginner this process may be difficult but with a professional guiding you- pay attention to the areas of the body that gives you pain. Listen to your thoughts, and discover the link between the thoughts and the pain. Trace the pain and learn to confine that pain in such a way that it will not affect your total being anymore.

Massage and meditation will not completely eliminate the problem of chronic pain. Therefore, it is still better to consult a medical doctor about this condition. However, you may make use of massage and meditation to alleviate the symptoms, feel better about yourself, and distract yourself from the pain that this condition is giving you.

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