Marriage Records In Virginia Accessible Online

The state of Virginia stores its marriage records in its state archive and these records are open for public access. Since, Virginia is a large state by population, it is then expected to have millions of marriage records kept. However, it is not that easy to obtain such records from this state.

As mentioned above, Virginia is somewhat strict in the retrieval of Virginia Marriage Records from its government agencies. The said records will only be released to the involved married couple’s immediate family members which include the father, mother, spouse and child. Upon getting such record, it is also a must to present a valid photo ID. Other extended family members such as the aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws and so forth are no longer allowed to receive or to have access to such records. It is then only after 50 years after the date of marriage that the records become public information.

Virginia Office of Vital Records stores this Marriage Records Virginia. If you happen to make a request for a marriage record, you are expected to also provide information such as the groom’s name, the full maiden name of the bride, and the when and where of the said marriage. That is to be able to activate the said request. You should also know that there is a non-refundable fee that is required for this request even if you won’t have get any result from your search.

There are three standard ways in requesting for Marriage Records in Virginia at the Virginia Record Office. These given ways are: walk-in, mail and the express delivery. The first way is said to be the fastest among the three. It can provide the information in the same day that you’ve requested. Through mail requests, one has to wait for 5-10 business day which is the request processing time. On the other hand, the express service can be achieved through VitalChek Network. However, that entails a regular cost and other additional fees.

If those ways cause you hassles and discomfort, then you can always turn to commercial record providers. You just have to be clever enough to choose the right one for you and you can do that with the help or recommendations of specialists or review sites online before starting up. These highly rated providers are packed with money-back guarantee so that ensures security.

It is therefore wonderful to take note that despite the span of time that the marriage occurred or the million of times it happened to millions of people, we never run out of resources in our researches. Whether the search is for genealogy or any personal or legal purposes, information through the government or the net are made easy to check on.

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