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Selling to industrial or manufacturing clients using the internet search engines might not appear to be a good strategy for gaining sales. Manufacturing firms generally use purchasing agents to enforce buying rules that may hinder a company trying to break into a new industrial account. For some providers of industrial goods and services though, an online strategy may be the key element in breaking through the barriers that have hindered so many salespeople.

The internet is primarily a research tool. Potential customers that have questions or problems are now more likely to use the internet search engines to find solutions than ever. Companies with web pages that are informative and useful -as well as ones consumers can find – actually earn new business for the organization.

Companies of all sizes and types that provide services and products to large industrial corporations are now utilizing the internet to build relationships with organizations they were previously unable to speak with or sell to. Industrial service companies such as Epoxy Flooring contractors and janitorial chemical companies are now all making use of the internet to gain access to new revenue sources and to expand their local market share.

How does a company go about creating such an effective internet sales system? There are three core elements to an industrial internet strategy: Create an Informative Website Anticipate User Questions Include a Clear ‘Call to Action’

Creating and posting content on the company website can be challenging. Still, remember that users respond very well to fresh information. A web page that is frequently modified and updated gives some measure of confidence to the reader that the site has knowledge and authority in the industry. These sites also encourage readers to return to the page periodically to look for the latest information.

These “authority” sites require frequent updates and modifications to keep them relevant. Google and the search engines visit sites regularly to look for new content. Those sites that have high levels of relevant content that also change regularly are viewed favorably by search engines. Of course it requires time, effort and perhaps some expense to keep web pages current, but the revenue generated may make the effort worthwhile.

Providing responses to common or even ‘not-so-common’ industry questions is an extremely useful tactic in earning new customers via the internet. Expertise in a given field should be exploited as potential customers engaged in product research on the internet will value that expertise and frequently return to a useful web page. When users return to a site on multiple occasions, the site will be established as an authority site. Once customers understand that an authority site represents a company providing goods and services in that field, they are much more apt to investigate working with that firm in the future.

Many if not most websites miss the key element of including a clear ‘call to action.’ A call to action is simply a request to the reader to take some form of action in response to reading the page. A call to action may be an email, completion of an online form or making a telephone call. Regardless of which works best for the page owner, a clear instruction or action request is necessary to connect with the reader. After directly corresponding with the reader can the company, it is much easier to build a relationship and win over a prospective customer.

Industrial purchasing departments – long a thorn in the side of salespeople everywhere – rely on information to make decisions. The internet can transcend rules of contact that many procurement offices have and can provide a conduit through which a new customer can be earned. Procurement officers rely on finding the greatest value for each dollar spent and at some point will use the internet to research a problem or issue. Web pages that share value and offer problem resolution attract purchasing traffic and provide an opportunity to earn a new industrial client.

All companies must compete for revenue and earning new customers is central to this effort. By providing useful information on a web page as well as by asking the prospect to take an action, sellers can compete more effectively for new business.

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