Manifest A New Life Using The Cosmic Ordering Service

The thought of being able to order anything you want from the universe and actually getting it, is something more and more people are thinking about. Quite understandable really when one considers the sharp increase in the amount of publicity cosmic ordering has enjoyed recently.

With many celebrity endorsements, now it seems everyone wants a piece of the action. But does it only work for celebrities? What chance does the average person have of successfully using the cosmic ordering service?

In fact theoretically it works for everyone, but people who have not been successful do not realize that they are subconsciously sabotaging their cosmic order. You see whatever you think will happen really does happen!

The cosmic ordering service allows you to have anything you desire. This is of course something with which some people disagree, saying they have never had the desire to be ill or to become seriously injured for example and yes, they are absolutely right.

The problem is that they believed it would happen. The Universe doesn’t understand negatives. If you say you don’t want to be poor, it doesn’t hear the word don’t, it just hears the words want and poor. You focus on the poverty in this case.

Alternatively, rather spin it around a little and say you are exceptionally healthy. In this manner, focus has been directed towards health rather than illness. It is this positive approach that is in line with the workings of the universe.

This is the area that many fail when they make affirmations or attempt to think positive. They see themselves as they are, not as they could be, and reaffirm their station in life instead of affirming the spot they should be and believing they are already received their cosmic order.

Life brings to us the belief systems of others. The kids in the third grade that teased you because you were fat, skinny, had glasses or didn’t wear the best clothes changed the belief that you have for yourself.

Right from birth, children are continuously taught just how wrong it is to want too much, or even how wrong it is to get too much. The fact is though, if this was a perfect world, our parents would have taught us that we do in fact deserve everything we want, without having to make huge sacrifices.

Always saying that we should count our blessings is wrong. Why should we settle for practically nothing? After all, there’s more than enough for everyone. In fact, there’s so much, it could stretch to the edge of infinity.

If you believe there’s not enough and you have to covet and take the riches of others in order to get what you want, then you reinforce the belief that others have more and you have nothing. Instead, be happy for others and know that there’s enough wealth that you don’t have to take from another person to have part of it.

Quantum physics helped to prove some of the principals of cosmic ordering. Your brain emits powerful energy waves that influence the movement of the tiniest particle known to man, the quark. If you send out positive energy, you get positive results in return.

Changing old patterns and beliefs isn’t as easy as reciting a few phrases. You need to clear out the old beliefs that you’ve held for years. They hang in your mind with a firm hold unless you use the tools available to clear them away.

There are numerous tools but two which always spring to mind, are self-hypnosis and subliminal suggestion. Both these powerful tools avoid interference from the logical processes of our brain and instead, they go to work on our subconscious minds, the area in which our beliefs are embedded.

You can control your destiny by ordering exactly what you want. You have to be strong enough to believe that you’ll get it. Use techniques that help you reinforce your belief that the cosmic ordering system gives you everything you desire.

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