Mandura Business Review-How To Become A Successful Mandura Business Leader

I was introduced to the Mandura Business Opportunity by someone that visited my internet site lately. He shared with me the advantages of the one line compensation schedule and the thirty methods of getting compensated. I took a visit to their website to find out more information about the company. I wanted to determine if Mandura was legitimate or simply another scam.

I will tell you about the company, product and compensation plan. I will also provide you the information you need to become a successful Mandura Business Leader. This information will be important to you whether you are already a distributor or looking to become one.

The Company started in 2008 with the resolution to give back to society. Their mission is to improve the lives of people and families worldwide by serving each other and providing superior nutritive products and a satisfying income opportunity. They have formed a partnership with Kids Against Hunger where for every bottle sold, they provide a meal to needy children.

The Mandura Juice has in it “The imperial family of Fruits”. Those fruits include the Durian, which is a spiky egg-shaped fruit found in South East Asia, The Mangosteen Fruit from the Far East, The Acai from Brazil and the Blueberry from Northern America.

Those fruits provide the recommended nutrients and vitamins that northern Americans are lacking. Those nutrients and vitamins battle against the perils posed by free radicals. Free radicals cause cell damage, which lead to cancer, age related sicknesses and coronary disease.

The start up cost is as low as $30 to, with the choice of purchasing the distributor kit for and extra $30. The compensatory schedule is what they call a straight line forced matrix. This suggests that once an individual enrolls as an independent distributor in the company, any independent distributor that enrolls after them, irrespective of who sponsors them, will fall into their organization. This enables the IBO to have more earnings than costs.

So as to qualify for commissions in Mandura, you want to signup 1 person into your business. Sounds simple if all you would like to do is make a tiny commission. If you would like to make a commission that will enable you to leave your JOB, you will want to a least sponsor 5 distributors. You’ll also desire your distributors to do the same.

Trying to do this by making a listing of buddies and family members will work for a few people. This strategy will not work for the majority. This is why I recommend learning how to market online.

The way it should be done on the internet is not by promoting the product and opportunity up front. You should promote yourself as an expert and provide value to people. This is called attraction marketing. People don’t join companies, they join people. If you send someone to the company replicated website, they will usually look up the company on Google and join a leader in that company instead of you.

When you’re looking to become that Mandura Business leader that every one joins, then you’ll want to learn attraction marketing and brand yourself as an expert who offers value to people. If you do this, then you’ll have no issues inducting individuals into your Mandura Business.

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