Making Your Own Drink Coasters

Beer coasters protect your desk, coffee table or the arm of your chair from dripping liquids, warps due to heat and scratches from cups, mugs or bottles. They are an essential bar accessory for every home or office. In fact beer coasters are needed every where drinks are served.

You can buy coasters from convenience shops or you can make one yourself. Of course it is very exciting to make your own beer coaster. Aside from the fun derived from the activity, you will also learn how to use discarded or waste material to make useful things for your home.

Simple beverage coasters can be made from the common material slate. Slate is an environmentally friendly material made from fine grained rock. Some of the common materials made from slate include roofing sheets and snooker tables. So we are going to make beer coasters from this hard and durable material.

For this activity you will need a piece of slate about the size of your palm, felt, glue and chalk. Once you have them ready we move to the next stage.

Pick up your slate piece and then draw a circle to the size of how you want your coasters to be. Usually, you will want to have something about the size of the base of a bottle or glass. Next, place the slate on a hard surface and gradually cut out the circle from the rest of the slate. Do not cut right on the circle but a little farther. If you do not get a perfect circle, you can use sandpaper or smooth it out later.

After you get your desired shape for your drink coasters, you will apply a small amount of glue at the reverse side of the circular slate coaster and affix a piece of felt. Felt is s a rubber like piece of material that looks like rubber and waterproof. The idea of attaching felt is to protect your furniture from possible scratches and abrasions or from the glass or mug. As mentioned, slate is primarily rough in nature and can damage polished wood if dragged along it.

So that is another way to make your own coasters from inexpensive material.

Jim Slate is a designer and manufacturer of a line of natural stone and Uk marriage visa slate beverage coasters. These beautiful coasters are built from some of the most exotic imported materials in the world, and are great either as backdrops for creating your own coasters, or in their own beautiful, natural state.

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