Terrified of speaking in public? Have a speech approaching? Don’t panic, there’s still hope! There’s one simple way to draw attention away from yourself and give you more confidence. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the power point.

By incorporating a power point into your speech you automatically have many advantages. For one thing, you no longer have to have a crinkled outline continually shaking in your hands. For another thing, you have a far better chance of not only keeping your audience awake, but of diverting their attention away from how nervous you look, and toward the screen.

If you want to use a power point there are several things you should do. First, design your slides well. I’ve seen too many power points littered with grammatical errors, glaring colors, blurry images, unreadable text, and worse. Chose fonts that are easily readable, and never set text in bright red or yellow, as they will often not show up on the screen. Use high contrast colors, such as black and white, to ensure everything shows up clearly. The title should be 44 point font or larger with the main bullets being no smaller than 28. Make your slides simple and clean. Your audience doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with each new slide you use.

When it comes to actually using your slide show, make sure your transitions are at a relatively constant speed. The standard time to spend on one slide is three to five minutes. It is also imperative that you do not read what you’ve written on each slide word for word. The text should serve as a general outline and is a way to engage the audience. If you read the text on the screen verbatim, your audience will wonder why you are even there, after all, they know how to read too.

Hopefully, these few tips on giving a slide show will ease your tension. Don’t worry, everyone dreads giving speeches. Now that you know how to properly use a slide show you’ll do better. A slide show is a great tool for speakers. As a slide show is to a speech, so a security system is to a house. A slide show keeps the audience awake and enriches a speech. A security system wakes up sleeping homeowners when their home is being broken into, and enriches a house. The two are quite similar in some ways.

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