Making A Bedroom Useful With A Stanley Mirror Door

If you live in a home that was built between 1970 and the present, you probably deal with less than big bedrooms. Older homes tended to have large bedrooms with open ceilings. In the 70’s and still today homes are being built with little bedrooms. The whole idea is to give the family larger communal areas that they use more often. The thought sounds appealing, but trying to make your bedroom useful can be difficult. One simple way to make your bedroom seem a small larger is by using a Stanley mirror door system.

A Stanley mirror door is far like a ordinary sliding closet door. The just difference is that it is completely made of mirrors. The mirrors can be very functional indeed. From a design point of view, the doors are the perfect way to available up the space. Mirrors work wonders in small areas. You can make the room appear mammoth without changing anything. Just adding a mirror or mirror doors can make a large difference.

In addition to opening up the room and making it appear larger, a Stanley mirror door system can really come in handy when you are trying to dress for the day. Having two full length mirrors for your use can be wonderful. You can see yourself completely, without needing to bend down or stand on your toes to catch a glimpse of your upper or lower half. Instead of trucking to the bathroom for a full view, you won’t even have to leave your room. This is ideal for a woman or a teenager who actually needs to check out their total look before leaving the house.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to available up your room or if you simply want a place to check out your outfit for the day, consider adding a Stanley mirror door to your bedroom. Most doors will fit completely in your current slides. You can visit your local home improvement store for a wide selection of sizes and models. The experts there can even give you tips on how to install your new doors or you can hire them to do it for you. You will love how your new doors make your room look. You will also love having two full length mirrors at your disposal. Make a trip to your local store and start planning for your brand new closet doors right away.

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