Party Bands Liven Up Your Party Or Wedding

There is really no one in the world that hates music, it is an intrinsic part of what it means to be human. It is a central part of many cultures and a main form of expression. New forms of music are born out their time and circumstances, like the birth of jazz as a uniquely American artform. Music is always evolving and changing and we are surrounded by it now more than ever, what with the invention of mp3 players. These players are able to hold libraries of music, more than many could have conceived of listening in their lifetime and it allows us to be more voracious when it comes to the music we listen to.

Music is also a trigger for memory and so when it comes to choosing a song for a couple’s wedding day, it can be a large decision. You are essentially creating a memory that you want to carry forward to the rest of your life. So what sounds better – dancing to a recorded track off of some DJ’s playlist, or swaying across the dancefloor the sound of real instruments and a live party band? The right choice is a party band.

DJs are everywhere these days and it is a profession that anyone can join with only their laptop and the purchase of a DJ sound kit. It is essentially something that a small child could do and yet many locally famous DJs charge huge amounts of the privelege of having them at your occasion. When it is a wedding, it is the bride and grooms day and no one elses. Why deal with the ego?

Playlists and computers are fine and even great methods of birthday parties at house parties, and they are requisite at many nightclubs but if you bring some of this automation to something like a wedding it cheapens to affair.

Party bands have real musicians skilled at their jobs that bring an air of professionalism and a sense of occasion to playing music. Also, with real musicians they are able to play with your favorite songs and alter arrangements and making it a true concert experience.

While some may say that party bands are antiquated and DJs are the way to go, when has it ever been acceptable to outsource our entertainment into the hands of someone whose job we can easily replicate.

While musicians spend their time toiling away at something that they love, many ventues are choosing to pay for DJs who are nothing more than a personality. For your wedding, it is better to have your reception in the hands of real professionals.

The ins and outs of wedding preparation are varied in their prices, but bands can be as reasonable as you need them to be charging anywhere from $500 -$3000. The price quotes that are given include all sound and PA equipment that will be used – there is nothing that you, as the consumer, will have to add. Bands take care of themselves.

Don’t let some DJ charge you hundreds to thousands of dollars to appear at your wedding and play songs you hear on the radio, instead get a live party band and make your wedding reception as fun as any concert you’ve ever been to.

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