Make Your Next Corporate Retreat Healthy And Exciting Rafting The Mighty Colorado River

Even in a recession, many companies are still spending large sums of money on their top performers or management teams in order to reward their work and boost morale. Often, these rewards involve events with alcohol and unhealthy foods; there have to be better alternatives. A retreat involving white water rafting helps your team bond while revitalizing their passion for the job.

Grand Canyon river rafting expeditions provide unique education and opportunities to build a healthy group dynamic. Planning is made easy for the event organizers, as there are many white water rafting companies that offer packages for groups – greatly reducing the time and energy that would go into organizing such an excursion. By contacting a company that provides these trips, you are guaranteed an experienced guide and well-maintained equipment, as well as the chance to have all of your team members on the same raft so you can enjoy everything together.

Depending on your team’s rafting background and preferences, these trips can be made with either motorized or oar-powered rafts, which can hold between 16 and 30 people. As a reward for a quality team, this trip should be exciting and engaging – and your professional white water guides will be sure that everyone is entertained. If your team wants a more physically challenging trip – oar powered rafts and more challenging day hikes can be included in the itinerary. If the group is looking to sit back and relax, motorized boats will take you through calm waters. In every case, if you are booking the entire raft, you are able to customize the trip to your group’s needs. Details and concerns about equipment maintenance, supplies and cooking will be taken care of by the professionals, so you don’t have to worry about the little things when you should be enjoying nature and each other.

A trip like this can last anywhere from 4-12 days, allowing for real bonding between peers. Coworkers will not only test their bodies but their minds as they leave work behind – no computers allowed! – and head into the canyon for hiking and backpacking while off the river. Some trips involve a hike into the canyon to begin rafting or a hike out after it is complete. Guide companies will work to be sure that anyone unable to make the hike is transported by helicopter or mules to meet their group at the water. Gourmet meals will keep you all around the camp site into the evening hours and group activities will likely be planned by team leaders in order to address issues, concerns, goals and accomplishments.

Corporate retreats are a popular option for companies looking to improve communication between staff as well as reward those who stand out as leaders in their field. Investing in a white water rafting adventure on the Colorado River is an exciting and enticing option as well as a healthy alternative.

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