If you are serious about making a delicious and perfect dish of rice, then you cannot afford to ignore a rice steamer. This could also apply for those products that come with boil-in bags. A rice steamer basically is an easy to operate and inexpensive small kitchen appliance.

Other than boiling your rice in instant water and killing all its nutrients, it is a great idea to steam your rice and preserve its nutrients as well as its flavor. Along with a flavored dish of rice comes a tender well cooked dish of rice that leaves you with an idea of what rice should taste.

The electric steamer, which is easy to set up, turn on and leave until the rice is ready, is the latest version of rice steamers. All you need to do is to fill the reservoir with water up to the required level, then pour in your rice in the top basin and cover it with the lid. Afterwards, set the time required for the rice to be fully cooked according to the instructions given on the steamer manual. When a bell sounds, it means that the time has expired and the rice is ready.

When the rice is cooking, avoid opening the lid of the reservoir. This is so because steam is usually lost, and this in turn changes the time needed to cook the rice.

The rice steamer demands that you take extra caution when handling it. Always make sure that you place it at an ideal place to avoid knocking it, since this could lead to a very disastrous occurrence. Always make sure that you place it away from children as the water in the reservoir is at boiling point and could cause extreme burns if care is not taken. When the rice is ready and you want to remove it from the rice steamer, it is safe to use oven mitts or protective gloves to protect you from the hot steam from the steamer. When lifting the lead from the steamer, lift it away from you.

Until you are ready to serve the rice, always keep it inside the reservoir. This keeps your rice warm without the worry of overcooking. To add to the flavor of your rice, add a few chopped vegetables to steam along with it. This will make a very delicious and nutritious meal that nobody would defy.

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