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Members of the insecticide industry are up in arms because of new regulations handed down by the American government that might mean an additional $145 billion in expenses for consumers wanting to combat the powder post beetle. The Environmental Protection Agency sees things differently, though, noting that the industry itself produced figures that show there are equally cost effective and work just as well to target the powder post beetle as the old chemicals.

A vice president from an area pest control organization believes that the EPA is going to make it more expensive for consumers that want to combat the onset of the powder post beetle due to banning the popular pesticide product. This executive likened the beetle to the always hated termite and said that it can affect up to 140,000 homes every year. The previously used chemical was a miracle for pest control personnel because they could spray it once a year and then promise that there would not be any beetles for at least one year or more. The VP claims that the chemical was always effective and safe, but now it has been banned leaving the companies no choice but to fumigate the house.

This means that the resident must vacate the house while they pump it full of noxious gases. Rather than simply paying a small amount of money charged for the typical chemical application, most homeowners with this pest now have to come out of pocket about $1,000 to $2,000. Claiming that the pesticide industry came out with a different pesticide that replaced the banned chemical for a comparable impact and expense, the EPA spokesman refuted the vice president’s expense claims. Causing no damage to structure as does the termite, the powder post beetle offers only appearance problems, the spokesman further claimed, concerning this pest.

The EPA has tagged what they claim the be a good replacement for the banned chemical called pentachlorophenol, which they believe will be just as good as the chemical they banned. For this reason, the EPA is predicting that homeowners should not see any increase in the cost of their pest control service. The spokesman also noted that their statements were based on analysis provided by actual members of pest control associations and the makers of the now banned chemical. The testimony can be tied to some hearings the agency held when they were deciding what course of action they would take regarding halting use of the chemical.

If the industry insiders fears are realized, it would mean that consumers will be asked to pay millions of extra dollars a year to fend off the powder post beetle. The owner of a local pest control company lamented that his company had successfully and safely used the now banned substance for more than 30 years, and now he is left with little other choice than to inform his customers that if they want to stop powder post beetles they will need to have treatments costing more than $1000. The EPA made their decision founded on incomplete data, he further claimed. He says that the decision was incorrect and should be overturned, but the EPA has neglected to do so and any hearings that would be required to achieve this would likely drag on for years.

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