Make A Living Building Playgrounds

If you are going to want to get some extra income into your pocket you will want to discover how you can start selling playground equipment and profit. Being able to do this can be a great way to provide you with some extra income that you might not have found before. Here are some of the methods that you can use to help you bring in that extra money.

One of the methods that you can use is by direct mail marketing. This form could be a great way to reach people that might be in need of the product that you are providing.

Many of the places around your town might need to have these items. A great place that might be willing to purchase these items could be the local park boards. Even though they might have to put these types of purchases out to bid you will find that you could be one of the lowest bids and win the job.

Being able to market the items that you produce or are selling to nearby hardware stores can be nice to. Since many of these places have large parking lots you might even be able to set up one of yours as a model for the parents to allow them to see.

A great place would also be if you are able to post your contact information in any of the local coffee shops. If you can you could find that you are going to be able to reach the parents of children with catchy pictures of children having a great time on the items that you sell.

The local paper is a great source as well. If you think about where most of the ads are located in a newspaper it is near the comics in the Sunday edition. So you will want to make sure that the ads that you use are going to be ones showing kids having a great time and playing. Then the kids will start asking there parents for one.

To make a profit though you will want to check the price of the item as well as any labor that you have into it. If you are going to be putting the item up you will want to make sure that you take into consideration that as well. However, you will want to mark up the item from your cost by at least a quarter if not double to ensure that you make money on them.

If you are going to want to learn how to start making money selling playground equipment and profit you will want to make sure of several factors. Some of those factors could include having the prices set right, but also knowing where to sell the items.

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