Luxury Portable Restrooms – Essential To The Success Of Your Outdoor Event


The wedding reception is going well. Guests are happily congratulating the newlyweds. The lovely fragrance of exquisitely blooming flowers is gently wafting in the breeze. Then someone asks: “Excuse me, where’s the restroom?”

This is a question that well-prepared outdoor event planners, whether they are parents of the bride or community festival organizers, should be able to answer with aplomb. Today’s portable restroom rentals offer a wide array of options to assure your guests’ comfort.

Factors that go into determining the number and type of outdoor sanitary accommodations include:

* How many guests are expected?

* Will there be children? How many?

* Do any of the guests have special needs?

* Will the party involve large amounts of food and drink?

We’ve come a long way since the old wooden one-holers of the past. These days, there are even luxury portable restrooms, many with low-profile sinks for children. For those with special needs, ADA-certified portable toilets feature wider openings, higher toilets and handrails for ease of access.

If your event will entertain large numbers of people for several hours, consider portable restroom trailer rentals. Many of these facilities are considered luxury portable restrooms and offer toilets that flush, water for hand washing, and air conditioning and heat if needed. There are even family models available that provide changing tables. Of course, a water source, electricity and a means to dispose of the waste water are required, and can be provided by the vendor if necessary.

For outdoor events held at someone’s home, permanent facilities might be available, but the owner may prefer to keep guests out of the house. It’s helpful to know there is an alternative that will still be sensitive to the needs of your guests.

In addition, some homeowners take on large remodeling projects involving the kitchen and bathrooms and prefer not to move out of the family home during the process. One way to handle that challenge with ease and comfort is to rent a portable restroom. These rentals can meet a family’s needs for running water, flushable toilets and showers. In a pinch, the sink can help with small dishwashing jobs, for example.

Of course, it is also advisable to check local references for your prospective sanitary vendor, just as you would for any other business you want to hire. Sometimes surprises are fun, but not when it comes to toilet facilities.

These aren’t your dad’s old Johns or Port-a-Potties. Whether you just need some extra “comfort stations” for a large party or require the luxury of private stalls, decorative interiors and climate control for a high-end corporate event, today’s portable restroom rentals provide excellent answers to that old question, “Where’s the restroom?”

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