Low-Income Families Have Fewer Choices For Healthy Food

Lots of us are aware of the shows about how fast food restaurants that are in poor neighborhoods are leading causes for local weight gain. The truth is that fast food is very unhealthy and not at all good for residents to be eating.

Poor people tend to have less to choose from when it comes to eating out. Many times, they will choose to chase the lowest price and a nearby location. As a result, that cheeseburger they bought for a buck seems like a great buy, but it is loaded with calories and it is not at all healthy.

Not only has there been a documentary on the issue, but government has taken interest in fixing this problem as well. The New York City Council has recently passed rules that require fast food restaurants to label their food with nutrition data that shows people what they are really eating.

Sadly, even with the new labeling regulations, a survey showed that New York’s poor haven’t really changed their eating patterns, and continue to make unhealthy choices with their food.

Stores like KF and McDonalds argue that the survey is incorrect and their customers really are making healthier choices in their eating habits. Why the inconsistency? What can explain the discrepancy between their figures and the surveys?

One reason that can help make the statistics differ is that certain companies like Subway have a much healthier food menu, while the unhealthy chains are using these good ones to make their numbers look better. This definitely will skew the results.

What is really happening in New York City is that they are combining data from wealthier neighborhoods with those in poor areas. This makes the numbers look good, but nothing really is changing.

In the end, what the City is doing is pointless. The poor are still continuing to make bad choices for food.

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