Abdominal Exercises That Get Great Results!

If you’re searching for just the right abdominal exercises then you’ll need to find the most effective techniques for generating results quickly. Top fitness specialists have learned how to isolate core abdominal muscles to quickly help you build muscle and generate results in just a matter of a few weeks.

What abdominal exercises are the best? Any exercise that works your lower and upper abs is sure to give you the result you want. Traditional crunches aren’t all that effective because they only work your upper abs. Without a full range of motion, it’s next to impossible to reshape your muscles.

An exercise with full range of motion means that you are using your core muscles and surrounding muscles simultaneously, strengthening your complete midsection. This is important for anyone trying to enhance the look of their abdominal muscles or show off that six pack of abs that everyone craves.

I prefer to use two abdominal exercises that permit a full range of motion. The first exercise that I use on a daily basis is call the hanging leg raise. This exercise is easy to do and takes just a few repetitions to start working deep into your abdominal muscles. To begin, locate a chin up bar which can be found at any gym or purchased online.

Begin by hanging from the bar, grasping the bar with your hands about shoulder width apart. Then, slowly raise your knees to your chest. Make sure to complete the full range of motion after you pause at the top of your repetition. Then lower your feet back down to a hanging position.

The second full range exercise for your abs is a modified crunch. To do this exercise effectively, lie on the floor with your knees raised. Clasp your hands behind your neck and being your rep by lifting your right elbow towards your left knee. After returning to the starting position, raise your left elbow to your right knee. This completes one repetition. Continue on until a full set of ten has been completed.

Both of these exercises are very effective for working your abdominal muscles. They target your midsection and allow a full range of motion, effectively targeting your abdominals. Work towards three sets of ten repetitions to achieve abdominal success. The key to strong abdominal muscles is focusing on the right exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles. Interval training is the ideal solution to produce results. Regardless of which exercises you use, always integrate varying intensities, weight, or repetitions.

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