Looking For The Best Pellet Stoves For Home Heating

Due to the current cost of fossil fuels, and the likely rapid rise in prices over the next few years, more and more consumers are looking to replace their existing heating system with a pellet stove or boiler. But what makes a quality pellet stove or boiler?

Unfortunately high oil and gas prices are something we are all going to have to get used to. High prices are here to stay, and with green taxes arriving over the next few years, higher prices are yet to come. We therefore need to start to look for heating alternatives.

So what are the alternatives? Well, solar energy can be used to some extent through solar water heaters, however this can only produce part of the heat required. One of the most practical and affordable solutions is to install a biomass heating system.

Biomass is a term many people are not familiar with to what it actually is. Biomass is basically a fancy word for anything that grows that can be used for fuel. Wood is a form of biomass we have built our entire society on, and now we can use it again, but in a much more sustainable manor. Waste such a sawdust can be collected and processed into fuel pellets.

Pellets are a compressed and uniform fuel produced from biomass, with a very low moisture content they burn very efficiently, ignite quickly and produce no visible smoke once up to temperature. Fuel pellets can be used in pellet stoves and pellet boilers. For smaller properties pellet stoves usually offer the most practically and affordable option.

When you buy a pellet stove or boiler, you are really purchasing a heating system to last you decades, therefore you need to look for a system which can use practically all fuel pellets, especially the cheaper pellet grades. Only certain pellet stove and boiler designs can do this, and these are the ones with a bottom fed burn pot system.

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