Long Term Food Storage – Starting Right

Long term food storage suggests a lot more than enough for just a few weeks. We feel it truly is a good idea to imagine more along the lines of a 12 month food stockpile. Although this may possibly seem like an awful lot, this once was a typical lifestyle not many decades ago. An individual by no means could be certain just what the harvest may possibly bring, and hence it was frequent for folks to stock up having a 1 year’s stash. Several folks fail to understand the initial and most simple level of foods storage – garden seeds.

When we’re referring to a year’s supply, that brings to mind the idea of growing some foods throughout the spring and summer months. Just now is really a great time to evaluate your garden seed supply and to start with, we have to consider what type of seed to buy. Right here are a number of essential points to have in your thoughts.

First of all, the concern of GMO vs. Non GMO. Even though some are touting the advantages of GMO, there are many concerns, such as the issue that GMO would usually not create viable seed. In other words, you’d have to buy much more seed for that subsequent growing season. Alternatively, should you buy non GMO and non hybridized seed, you’ll be capable to conserve your personal seed for long term planting – a very much much better choice when it comes to long term food storage. One more issue relates to health dangers of GMO seeds, but we will not go into that topic right here.

So where could we turn to find non-hybridized and non-GMO garden seeds? Perhaps the best source book is the Garden Seed Inventory. Along with helping the grower find the best varieties suited for a specific climate, the Garden Seed Inventory also identifies varieties which are both non-GMO and non-hybridized, as well as sources for purchasing the seeds. This great resource is published by the Seed Savers Exchange, a nonprofit organization founded in 1975 by Kent and Diane Whealy. Seed Savers currently has nearly 8,000 members around the world, committed to preserving high quality garden seed.

Seeds are compact, and fairly affordable when it comes to the foods they’ll create. because of these factors, a substantial supply of seeds may be the very first place to begin in setting up a long term food supply.

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