Logos: Different Variations To Fit Your Needs

Of course, there are good and bad aspects to everything, and logos are no exception. A logo category could be evaluated, and compared to others, for effectiveness in specific market sectors or business requirements. The more you know about the weaknesses and advantages of the different types of logos, the better your choice of logo to suit your business and your purpose will be. To examine the topic more closely: Some of the simplest of the other logo types are Text/Word mark/Logotype Logos.

Text Logs, Word Mark or Logotype Fortune 500 corporations prefer these. Oddly, the fact that they are so simple makes them harder to design because the possibilities of design are rather limited. The designer must use real talent and not resort to tricks. An experienced log designer is needed for the font based logo design. If you want a logo that will get right to the point without a lot of clutter, multiple graphics, too many illustrations and too much clip art, you will want to use a Word Mark logo.

Iconic/Symbolic Logos Usually iconic or symbolic logos involve graphics and/or symbols that are quite simple and that illustrate an aspect or image of your company or product. Their main advantage is that it is possible for them to be used along with graphics or in conjunction with text. So it stands to reason that this kind of logo is the one most people decide to use. However, these are usually the hardest ones to create, requiring the services of an experienced logo designer.

Graphical/Combination Logos Graphical logos, also popularly known as combination logos, are midway between iconic/symbolic and illustrative logo types. Logos that belong to this category are very attractive. They incorporate such an amount of detail they are quite recognizable and simpler to use in media creation.

Illustrative Logos Illustrative logos exhibit more intricacy and advanced features than those that are simply graphic. A feature of your product and/or your company will be visually displayed through pictures and illustrations. Logos like that can illustrate the name, the business concept or the firm’s mascot.

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