Local Dentist In West Haven Offers Solutions For Migraine Pain Problems

Headache pain can be a terrible experience. It can prevent you from doing everyday things. Sleep and concentration may be severely affected. Problems in the jaw joints, can be a cause of head pain. Many times it may be mistaken for migraines. Your West Haven dentist may assist you in finding relief.

TMJ disorder

TMJ disorder can result in a great deal of headache pain. It originates in the temporomandibular joint, in your jaw. These joints close and open the mouth. You also use them to chew your food. They may be out of alignment for several different reasons. One of them is the teeth. Improper bite is a major cause of TMJ disorder. When the teeth do not line up, the jaw joint does not, either.

Trauma can be another cause of TMJ problems. Injury can throw the jaw out of alignment. Arthritis can be another cause. Your jaw can become swollen and inflamed in the joint. When these things happen, you can get pain in the head. It may be difficult to chew. There may also be pain in the neck area.

Pain from the jaw can refer to the head. Misaligned jaw joint muscles can become stressed and tight. This can restrict the blood flow to the face. In response, your body may send more blood. This may cause throbbing pain. The jaw joint can affect the nerves. Pain can travel along nerves to the temples. This pain can be severe.

You can take medications to help alleviate the pain. However, it will not solve the problem. Your pain will continue. Mouth splints will sometimes help to realign the jaw. Your dentist can file your teeth to improve your bite. Therapy like exercise and heat may also help. By targeting the cause, you may solve the problem.


Your jaw can be the source of many types of head pain. The temporomandibular joint can become misaligned. This can result in painful conditions. Your West Haven dentist can help you with TMJ problems. Proper therapy can bring relief.

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