Live, Work And Play In Manchester City Centre

Manchester city centre lies in the heart of Manchester and this is where business offices, retail outlets, bars, pubs, restaurants and dance clubs are located. As the population of the city centre mostly comprises of young people, most of them prefer to life in flats; whether studio, or single or double-room flats. Almost everyone walks to work as the workplaces are within walking distance. The total Manchester city centre area is just two square miles.

Living in Manchester offers you exciting packages of work and play which can be easily managed. Although it is not as big as London; but Manchester city centre has got everything one would wish for. There are plenty of job opportunities with an average job commute of 30 minutes.

The young professionals work in offices; while the students and other residents of this area work in the retail outlets, bars, pubs and restaurants that the centre is full of. People who live here enjoy the day time hustle and bustle and the night life. On the weekends, people from around and other parts of Manchester crowd the city centre.

The total area of the Manchester city centre is 2.2 square miles with a population of approximately 12000. Manchester City Centre is one place where you can live, work and play at the same time. You will not need to go to any other place to have anything. You will not regret living here because you can find everything that you can think of.

If you are a shopping freak or even if you are just a casual shopper, you will find everything here. It has stores of all the big names of the world here such as the Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. The most famous streets with regards to shopping in the city centre are Deans gate and Market Street.

Regarding educational institutions, The University of Manchester, is the largest single-site university in the UK. Manchester Business School and The Royal Northern College of Music are other two famous colleges. From the perspective of doing a job, Manchester has 2000 internal companies providing jobs opportunities to the people living here. It is known as the best city for business in Britain. There are more than 60 banks, job opportunities for gay people and much more.

Living, working and playing in Manchester city centre is like living on a conveyor belt. You will love spending time in this place as long as you are young; but you will eventually move out. No one stays permanently in Manchester city centre. It is a well renowned place in England for living during your college and early career days.

The residents are more interested in the night life and have hardly any interest in going to the theatres or visiting museums. For them, the young life style of the city centre has its own appeal. They love to dance and to spend their evenings in their favourite bars and restaurants. As living in the city centre is not very expensive, the young people are drawn towards it.

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