List Of Traditional Anniversary Gifts: The Beginning

Why do we need to celebrate our wedding anniversary?

Wedding anniversaries are a celebration of the union of two hearts and two souls that fills the magic of life. Young and old couples would indeed remember that at this day, a year or so ago, two people joined together promising eternal love for each other.

Beginning of milestone anniversary celebration.

Wedding anniversaries have long been celebrated by the medieval Germans. They were the first ever been recorded to have commemorated a couple’s special day by giving silver or golden wreath to ones wife. That milestone anniversaries are celebrated on the 25th and the 50th event.

The succeeding celebrations…

People has always been a social animal eversince the world began. In the event that people may have liked the idea of this wedding anniversary celebration thing, the two traditional practices began to be followed up by the first, tenth, twentieth, and the seventieth.

Earliest traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year.

25th. Silver. Known as the Silver Jubilee, traditional gift ideas were both personal and meaningful. Silver is the metal most noted for its radiance and brilliance. Spending a quarter of a century in love is worthy to be celebrated for.

50th. Gold. The Golden jubilee marks the many years a couple has endured with. By this time, family has been expanded and is perfect to be planned for a party! Gifts materials are not so appreciated by some considering their age, but a more meaningful and creative idea with some gold touches would do.

1st. Paper. Folks usually go crazy when it comes to being creative in what to give for their spouses on their first wedding anniversary. As for what paper can do, some find it hard to get some ideas while others are loaded with lots of knowledge about it. Just came up with something memorable for the rest of your lives.

10th. Tin/ Aluminum. A tenth year wedding anniversary is in exception for a coupe to want to celebrate the first milestone anniversary with family and friends. Simply keep the idea of how your marriage symbolized the strength of flexibility during the decade.

20th. China. By the second decade of your marriage life, spend it with renewing of vows, or a vacation get-away, or a sit-down dinner with friends and families. China, the symbol of elegance and delicateness, can be incorporated with whatever anniversary ideas you can comp up with.

70th. Diamonds/ Platinum. Seventy years together is a rare and amazing accomplishment. Much thought should be put into a platinum anniversary gift that seizes the couple’s longstanding commitment and devotion.

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