Linux And Windows Operating Systems

One of the first, and perhaps hardest decisions a new comer must make the web hosting platform you wish to place your server on. The two most popular choices are Windows and Linux web servers.

-FTP commands and control panel- These considerations are represented well by both the Linux and the Windows platforms, but there are differences between the FTP commands in the operating systems because different FTP programs will usually be designed anticipating use with a particular operating system. Because of this, you may occasionally receive messages regarding an error when running some FTP commands on one of these servers.

Support – Linux can be limited in support for some technology which can sometimes make it more expensive in comparison to Windows. Linux is running on much specific technologies as compared to Windows which is much more generic.

-Security and reliability- as you are probably already aware, Windows is commonly used as a home computing choice so this generally means that the operating system does not have the high technological standards that the Linux platform does since it is mainly used by developers and system engineers. It is much more likely that you will have a successful attack against you when using Windows than Linux if no other reason than the fact that there are a much larger number of Windows based attacks than Linux ones.

* Performance – As a result of the packaging that Linux servers come with, they are reputed to offer a higher level of performance. Linux plans are more specifically designed for their target customers. As opposed to these specific designs, Windows instead offers a more general package to all of their customers.

* Conversion – possessing a Linux web server today is alright, in particular if you plan to switch over your Operating System in the near future, since your conversion will prove to be simple and smooth in getting your website changed over to Windows hosting from Linux hosting. On the contrary, it is indeed a nightmare for anyone who wished to convert their website from Windows hosting to Linux hosting.

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