Lifestyle Choices Often Causes Of Snoring

For most snorers the causes of snoring are linked to with lifestyle choices and the results of these choices. Many people discover they have developed a snoring problem because their partner is kept awake at night. It becomes necessary to remedy snoring so that both you and your partner can get a healthy nights rest.

Common Causes of Snoring

Most of the causes of snoring are simply due to our decisions about how we live. For some people, it is their weight that causes snoring. Others find themselves snoring because they drink or smoke too much. Still others snore because they sleep in certain positions. Most of these problems can be easily solved. There are also some people that snore as a result of some sort of physical deformity that only a physician can properly identify and treat.

Too Much Food, Not Enough Activity

For those that eat to much and/or exercise to little, weight could be a contributing factor to snoring. Being overweight, even just by ten pounds or so, is one of the common causes of snoring. A buildup of skin and fat around the neck often compresses the airway while we sleep and this can cause snoring. Luckily a reduction in body fat can easily remedy this problem- as well as provide other benefits.

Are You Drinking Too Much?

Alcoholics also tend to have snoring problems. Some people only snore after drinking alcohol and this is an indication that they are probably drinking too much. Alcohol is a depressant and this causes the esophageal muscles to relax more than they normally do. This paired with the slower reaction time resulting from alcohol intake can be one of the causes of snoring. Luckily, this problem can be avoided altogether by not drinking alcohol or by drinking less alcohol.

Which Way Do You Sleep?

One of the more easily solved causes of snoring has to do with a persons posture while sleeping. Many positions that we can sleep in make it more difficult to breathe. Often sleeping on the back can lead to snoring. This is because this position causes the chin and neck area to relax and compress onto the airway. This problem is compounded when a person is overweight.

Nasal Problems

Nasal congestion is one of the other more common causes of snoring. When a person becomes congested they are often forced to breathe through the open mouth instead of through the nose. Stuffiness is one of the easier causes of snoring to remedy. Many times steam can be used to reduce stuffiness. If the congestion is due to allergies then one of the many over the counter medications can be taken. Sometimes a hot shower or bath before bed can help reduce congestion.

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