Leveling A Warrior – 6 Things You Must Know!

Are you interested in leveling a warrior? The warrior is a staple in any Massive Multiplayer Online game and they are a lot of fun to play as, especially in World of Warcraft.

In WoW, Blizzard has given the warrior the ability to run up to any potential enemy relatively quickly which prevents him from getting taken apart from long range weapons. Now if you’re looking to try out Blizzard’s version of the warrior, here are a few tips that will help you out:

-If you’re leveling a warrior, go to either the Draenei starting zone or the Blood Elf starting zone to level, things seem to be laid out more efficiently there and you can thus save some extra time on your early leveling.

-When you reach level 24, stop using Heroic Strike and instead pickup Execute. this ability will boost your DPS up by quite a bit and help you level fast.

-There are those who feel Dual Wield at level 20 is no longer good, however I don’t find that to be true. Using Fury while dual wielding from level 20-30 can yield more damage than a 2 handed weapon can.

-You don’t have to stop there, you can dual wield from levels 30-40 as well. DW means you have more rage being generated and you’ll experience a higher level of DPS.

-If you level up with fury, which by the way is a great idea, make sure you get bloodthirst upon reaching level 40.

-Also if you have access to a blacksmith, see if you can have them gather the mats for either the Truesilver Breastplate or the Truesilver Guantlets. Both of these will be really helpful for the following levels.

So if you were interested in leveling a warrior, take those tips to heart, they’ll help you out. If you’re interested in a little more help than that though, it’s probably a good idea to look into a more detailed guide.

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