Let’s Talk Native American Blankets

Even before the white men visited American, blankets had been part of the local culture. The natives used fox skin and wolf pelts to stitch and make blankets. As time progresses and more wool being imported from Europe plus the growing creativity of artists, the blankets became more varied and unique. Artists always try to create a sense of spiritual and cultural in the blankets.

There are still a lot of blankets around that have the culture and tradition stictch into them with the highest quality fleece wool. These blankets are passed down and treasured from one generation to the next. The most well known native art would be the North America’s Navajo Indian blankets and rugs. The majority of these blankets are made in the traditional Mexican style.

Native American Blankets are normally robe sized which is the preferred size for all the North Americans for ceremonial purposes and it can also be used for wrapping around the body like a robe. Not only are they used as robes and blankets but have other decorative purposes as well. They can be used as wall hangings and can also conveniently be folded on the foot of the bed or the sofa.

There are many types of the Native American Blankets each inspired from the nature or a legend. Some blankets are made in hues of deep blue which looks like the color of the sky during a thunderstorm. Its intricate design also makes it a huge hit amongst all. It is made of pure cotton wool and can be dry cleaned.

The rich and traditional art of the native tribes in Western America have brought inspiration to various artists in their creating of these native american blankets. These blankets usually have some diagrams and images that symbolizes friendship, love and peace. The colors used to make these blankets are usually green, red and golden black.

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