Let’s Get To The Truth About Soda’s And Beverages Versus “The Blast Cap”

This is a HUGE story that NONE of the CNN, FOX, NBC, BBC, SKY NEWS, ABC and others has run as of yet. WHY NOT…Our belief is that they are scared or threatened from the soda and beverage companies and they will lose big advertising dollars. If not, the question is WHY they haven’t told us yet… This should be constant Breaking News until Governments makes mandatory laws (ingredient label warnings) that can protect the consumer and educate them as to what possible side effects there are with the foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis.

There are many sodas and beverages on the market with their ingredients that can cause of obesity, diabetes and many other illnesses and in some cases possible cancer in children and adults depending on the amount they consume (please look at the ingredients to see if what you are drinking matches any of the ingredients listed further below. The Blast Cap technology was invented by product developer and entrepreneur Mikel Anderson to help eliminate chemicals, sodium’s, preservatives, stabilizers and other unwanted and unneeded chemicals we are putting in our bodies ( men, women and CHILDREN) every day and to change the way we drink so we can start becoming a little healthier.

Do you think it could be true that if the big Beverage and Soda companies of the world market the Blast Cap and TOLD THE TRUTH about the features and benefits the Blast Cap has to offer, there multi million/billion dollar companies will plummet in sales and be disastrous for them or do you think they might not be interested in such technology because they believe a couple extra cents cost to much.

One thing is for certain, more than likely The Blast Cap, will SAVE them money due to all the benefits the Blast Cap has, but once again then what are they going to do and say about the soda’s and beverages they are selling with the chemicals in them? Please, let’s make a difference in people’s lives around the world and not worry about what the big soda and beverage companies are going to say or try to do when the truth is exposed …The Blast Cap technology can and will make a difference they way we feel about and look at the drink market for ever.

We also have developed other technology has been engineered and designed for the pharmaceutical market namely for the third world countries and relief programs to help save lives and make people healthier by not having to refrigerate many medicines any longer and being able to have a much longer shelf life than conventional injection medicines.. The Blast Cap technology is extremely effective, can save money and be able to treat children and adults in areas of the world where we never thought was possible until now.

The Blast Cap is perfect for all beverage categories such as Sport, Diet, Energy, Greens, Vitamin, Anti Oxidants and more as well as Children’s and infants or toddlers Vitamin/nutritional Drinks. Do your children drink juices that have preservatives, sodium’s, fructose, glucose or any other harmful chemicals you didn’t realize you were giving you child and thought they were good for them because the label says made with real fruit juice. Now you can with the Blast Cap, just Blast their way to better health.

The Blast Cap can replace many nutritional supplements in today’s market place. We don’t believe there is not a beverage in the world that can deliver the pricing, quality and nutritional value that the Blast Cap can. We also have a variety of formulas for specific categories and work with leading manufactures that can specially design, fill and ship your Blast Caps anywhere in the world.

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